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Effective October 24,2020


The Terms of Service provided byVSNT/ vintagesilksnthings  to the buyer (you) will constitute an agreement for services rendered. The Terms of Service contained is a legally binding contract in which you, the buyer, will be entering should you purchase and have your item(s) authenticated via the online services by vintagesilksnthings  You, the buyer, agree to give right of  photos & information submitted to vintagesilksnthings. The services provided are based upon the buyers (you) purchase order information provided; that being photos and description of each item submitted. The buyer, you, has the right to seek a second evaluation with a separate company. byVSNT vintagesilksnthings does not provide any warranties or insurance for accuracy for the outcome of the order or service.

Should vintagesilksnthings provide a service to you, the buyer, the Agreement is solely based on the terms of Service provided vintagesilksnthings. The Terms of Service will become valid when vintagesilksnthings  to be paid in full for a service or services purchased. Vintagesilksnthings & house of Vogan reserves the right to refuse, deny or cancel a purchase or order at the companies own discretion without warning.  

Services provided by vintagesilksnthings are provided by VSNT data base, personal inspection via pictures, standards of authentication, design characteristics of designer brand, professional experts with years of training, learning and hands on experience of designer items. The determinations of each service provided is the opinion and or determination by a skilled expert authenticator under the Company.  The services provided are based upon the buyers (you) purchase order information provided; that being photos and description of each item submitted.  Vintagesilksnthings does not make or provide any warranties or insurance about the reliability and accuracy for the outcome of the order or service. Vintagesilksnthings & house of Vogan is in no way and shall not be held accountable, liable or responsible for any loss should the opinion of vintagesilksnthings  regarding an order or service be disagreed upon at any time by a second non-affiliated opinion or third party opinion.


A service will ONLY be provided with the must following items provided by you, the buyer, full payment, visible, accurate, unaltered and clear photos for the item needing a service, as well completing personal information the registration form.  A service provided by vintagesilksnthings & house of Vogan will not be provided or held accountable or liable should any of the information provided by you, the buyer, not be provided with in the time frame of the purchase or thereafter. The buyer, you, are responsible and accountable for the information submitted to vintagesilksnthings & house of Vogan. and to look over and approve all information requested by vintagesilksnthings such as contact information and photos before submitting for a service or order. This must be included in account registration, by agreeing to terms & conditions. 

The buyer understands and agrees the images provided for the initial service and used within the email report or the authentication certificate to show and provide authenticity. The buyer, understands and agrees vintagesilksnthings is in no way affiliated with the purpose of any third party media should it be brought forth from any service or documentation materials provided. 

The services offered vintagesilksnthings are priced as per market standards.  The prices provided by vintagesilksnthings are not nor ever negotiable. vintagesilksnthings reserves the right to reevaluate, change or alter the pricing of any service at anytime. A service purchased or submitted will only be responsible for the amount owed at the time of purchase and can not or will not be altered should pricing change after the time of submission.

Vintagesilksnthings will not refund any service or order purchased should the item be found or determined counterfeit or 'fake', byVSNT or any other service to company.  Vintagesilksnthings determine the item in question 'can not be authenticated'. Vintagesilksnthings will not refund any service or order purchased should the buyer not be able to provide accurate and visible photos with in 24HRS including requested additional photos. 

Vintagesilksnthings reserves the right to legal action should the buyer use, reproduce or make copy of or provide a Certificate of Authenticity, Email Reports,Written Statement, Identification or Appraisals for an item or items that are not related to the original Certificate provided.  ANY alteration, the Certificate will become null and void and vintagesilksnthings. will not be held accountable or liable for the outcome of third party or buyers actions and/or decisions as the agreement shall be terminated between the buyer and vintagesilksnthings. By VSNT is not affiliated with any of the designer brands or third parties. 

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